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Peter Levenda (whore name is Simon) of HarperCollins
Stole a book from Tracy R. Twyman 
Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

With the assistance of VP Chief Editor

Peter Hubbard 
'Cancer Boy Pete'

Development programming to give our interns a broad and a bore of understanding of the entire publishing process
and climbing the corporate ladder by stepping on others

Peter Levenda & Stealing

“Yes, I am saying that Peter Levenda stole my book“  Tracy Twyman, February 2009 
"But since literally [Peter Levenda] stole one of my manuscripts and published it at HarperCollins with his jack-off Simon pseudonym, I no longer talk to him"  Tracy Twyman, April 2009
"About the Necronomicon: Levenda gets very defensive if you suggest that it was fake, or that Simon is his pen name (even though someone at HarperCollins recently leaked a document to the public proving that Levenda is getting paid as the author of the Necronomicon books)"  Tracy Twyman, June 2008
Tracy R Twyman:  December, 2009

“I had HarperCollins, one of the largest publishers in the world, interested in my material. But when I sent them my sample chapters on request from one of the editors, they actually had one of their other authors (my former friend Peter Levenda, who had recommended me to them) steal my work and publish it as his own. The book Papal Magic by Simon (Levenda‘s pen name and the “editor” of the Necronomicon) was almost entirely ripped from one of my sample chapters, word for word. I can’t afford a lawyer and thus can do nothing about it.

The Da Vinci Code Decoded by Martin Lunn, an international bestseller, was essentially written by me as well. But at least I was in on that scam and agreed to it willingly. The publisher came to me and asked me to write it, but since I was already in a prohibitive contract with Weiser at the time, I couldn’t take the offer. So I let one of my friends take credit as the author and I only got a 10% agent commission. Then I lost my contract with Weiser because of Boyd’s [Rice] behavior, and that was it.”

Tracy R Twyman:  February, 2009

“The roots of the Hocus Pocus essay actually come from a detailed chapter outline I wrote for another book that I proposed to HarperCollins in 2006. I asked Peter [Levenda] if he could hook me up with his editor [Peter Hubbard] there. He gave me the guy’s email address, and I sent a 1-page query to the editor. The guy wrote back saying he was interested and wanted to see a detailed outline with sample chapters. I sent these to him. I never heard back from him. A few months later, Papal Magic came out. It followed my outline almost exactly.

Yes, I am saying that Peter Levenda stole my book. Probably on the advice of his editor [ Peter Hubbard at HarperCollinsWilliam Morrow ]. It’s not uncommon for editors to take book proposals they like from unknown authors, and give them to more famous authors to write, screwing the original author completely. I just didn’t think Peter [Levenda] would do that to me, but he did.”

“[W]ell, it took me a while to figure out what happened. After I didn’t hear back from the editor, I just forgot about the book proposal completely. I interviewed Peter for the radio show. Everything seemed kosher. He didn’t tell me about Papal Magic when it came out. I found it myself at the book store one day. And in fact, even when I read it, I noticed some similarities with what I had written, but I actually assumed that I had sent the proposal after Papal Magic was published, or after it was in production. I thought maybe that was why the publisher hadn’t gotten back to me–because he already had a book about the same subject in the works. Until one day I was came across the original emails I sent. I checked the dates of the emails and the dates of Papal Magic’s publication. And I looked at the chapter outline I had sent, and compared it with the book. In some cases entire paragraphs are almost identical. Then I realized what had happened.”

Tracy R Twyman:  February, 2009

“And actually the word count in my essay is probably larger than the total word count in Papal Magic.”

Peter Levenda's Journal

How to steal a book from a young woman
with HarperCollins / William Morrow Vice President assistance Peter Hubbard 

Peter Levenda & Ratline

Peter Levenda & The Hitler Legacy

Peter Levenda & Tantric Temples
Image Peter Levenda as Simon of Papal Magic Published by Cancer Boy Pete Peter Hubbard at HarperCollins Publishers Corporate
Peter Levenda is an American author who focuses primarily on occult history. He is best known for his book Unholy Alliance, which is about Esoteric Hitlerism and Nazi occultism. Occultist Alan Cabal wrote in 2003 that Levenda was the writer with the pseudonym of "Simon", the author of the Simon Necronomicon, a grimoire that derives its title from H. P. Lovecraft's fictional Necronomicon, featured in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories.[1] The United States Copyright Office registration for Simon's Gates of the Necronomicon lists the author as Peter Levenda, whose pseudonym is Simon.[2] In 2013, Levenda told journalist Joseph Flatley of The Verge that he was not "Simon".[3]

Written works

  • Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement With the Occult (1994) ISBN 978-0826414090
  • Dead Names: The Dark History of the Necronomicon ( 2005) ISBN 978-0060787042
  • Sinister Forces - The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (2005)
  • Sinister Forces - A Warm Gun: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (2005)
  • Allianza Malefica / Unholy Alliance: The Nazis and the Power of the Occult (2006)
  • Sinister Forces - The Manson Secret: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (2006)
  • Gates of the Necronomicon (as Simon) (2006)
  • The Mao of Business: Guerrilla Trade Techniques for the New China (2007)
  • Stairway to Heaven: Chinese Alchemists, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation (2008)
  • The Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries and the Founding of America (2009)
  • Tantric Temples: Eros and Magic in Java (2011)
  • Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler (2012)
  • The Angel And The Sorcerer (2012)
  • The Dark Lord: H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic (2013)
  • The Hitler Legacy: The Nazi Cult in Diaspora, How it was Organized, How it was Funded, and Why it Remains a Threat to Global Security in the Age of Terrorism (2014)
  • The Tantric Alchemist: Thomas Vaughan and the Indian Tantric Tradition (2015)
  • The Lovecraft Code (2016)
  • Sekret Machines: Gods (with Tom DeLonge) (2017)
  • Dunwich (2018)
  • Starry Wisdom (2019)
  • Sekret Machines: Man (with Tom DeLonge) (2019)
  • Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, New and Expanded Edition (2019)
Peter Levenda was born in the Bronx and lived in New York, Indiana, Chicago, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island before going to Malaysia where he lived for seven years. He has an MA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies, and has worked as an IT executive in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe (he became involved in China trade in 1984). He is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the T.E. Lawrence Society, and is a charter member of the Norman Mailer Society. He is also a member of AFIO (the Association of Former Intelligence Officers) and has appeared in television documentaries on Nazism and the Third Reich, most recently on Brad Meltzer's Decoded series ("The Spear of Destiny" episode), as well as on documentaries aired on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and TNT. He has given addresses before the American-Chinese Business Women's Association and the Florida-China Chamber of Commerce on China trade, and has lectured on the role that Operation Paperclip played in American political and military post-war history (in Amsterdam).
Coast to Coast AM
Peter Levenda is the author of Unholy Alliance & Sinister Forces. He appeared in the TNT documentary, Faces of Evil, in his role as an expert on Nazi history with special regard to the occult and esoteric practices. He will also appear on the upcoming History Channel special, Nazi Prophecies. Peter has interviewed Nazis, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Satanists, self-proclaimed witches and occultists, intelligence agents, clergymen, bogus clergymen, businessmen, military officials, and many more during the course of his research for both Unholy Alliance and Sinister Forces.  
Simon & Schuster
Peter Levenda is a native of the Bronx, New York but has lived or traveled all over the United States and the world in the course of his life, work and research. As an executive with an American telecommunications manufacturer he was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for more than seven years. Before that he was one of the first Americans to do business (successfully) in China. He has an MA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies from FIU, and speaks a variety of languages (some of them dead). He was briefly detained at the notorious Nazi sanctuary and interrogation center Colonia Dignidad in Chile, in 1979 during the course of research for Unholy Alliance. He has appeared in numerous television programs for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and TNT as an expert on Nazi Germany and especially on the extreme religious and esoteric ideas that formed the Nazi worldview. He has interviewed Nazis, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, occultists, CIA officers, and Islamic terrorists in the course of his research and has visited Chinese prisons and military bases; Buddhist temples; Muslim boarding schools in Indonesia; Russian Orthodox monasteries; mosques in Europe, the United States and Asia; the Palestine Liberation Organization; several voodoo hounforts; the former KGB headquarters (Dzherzinsky Square) in Moscow; has been held at gunpoint in Latin America, and celebrated with a state dinner in Beijing. At the age of seventeen he gate-crashed the funeral for assassinated Senator Robert F. Kennedy at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and led the procession out of the cathedral. (He graduated high school later that month.) He was a member of the same front organization -- a renegade Ukrainian church in the Bronx -- that provided cover for David Ferrie and Jack Martin (suspected co-conspirators in the JFK assassination). In addition, he was an auxiliary police officer for the New York Police Department. His published work has been praised by Norman Mailer, Jim Hougan, Dick Russell, Whitley Strieber, Katherine Neville, and many others. He is or was a member of MENSA, of the American Academy of Religion, of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, of the Norman Mailer Society, and the T. E. Lawrence Society.  
Jim Hougan (Foreword)
The roots of coincidence and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and culture are examined in this book, exposing new connections between religion, political conspiracy, and occultism. Readers are taken from ancient American civilization and the mysterious mound builder culture to the Salem witch trials, the birth of Mormonism during a ritual of ceremonial magic by Joseph Smith, Jr., and Operations Paperclip and Bluebird. Not a work of speculative history, this expos√© is founded on primary source material and historical documents. Fascinating details are revealed, including the bizarre world of "wandering bishops" who appear throughout the Kennedy assassinations; a CIA mind control program run amok in the United States and Canada; a famous American spiritual leader who had ties to Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks and months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy; and the "Manson secret."  
Red Wheel / Weiser
Peter Levenda's esoteric titles include The Dark Lord, Tantric Temples, and The Tantric Alchemist. His histories include Unholy Alliance, The Hitler Legacy, Ratline, and Sinister Forces. Levenda has appeared as an expert on occultism and strange science on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Science Channel, and TNT. The Angel and the Sorcerer (Paperback)The Remarkable Story of the Occult Origins of Mormonism and the Rise of Mormons in American Politics The Dark Lord (Hardcover)H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic Dunwich (Hardcover)A Novel The Hitler Legacy (Hardcover)The Nazi Cult in Diaspora: How it was Organized, How it was Funded, and Why it Remains a Threat to Global Security in the Age of Terrorism The Lovecraft Code (Hardcover) Ratline (Paperback)Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler The Secret Temple (Revised and Expanded Second Edition) (Paperback)Masons, Mysteries, and the Founding of America Starry Wisdom (Hardcover) The Tantric Alchemist (Hardcover)Thomas Vaughn and the Indian Tantric Tradition Tantric Temples (Hardcover)Eros and Magic in Java Unholy Alliance (Hardcover)A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult (New and Expanded Edition)  
Peter Levenda as Simon
Simon, c/o HarperCollins Publishers LLC,
10 East 53rd Street,
New York NY 10022
November 13 2006  

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